Account One Für Steuerberater Wir verbinden Onlinehändler mit Steuerberatern. Unsere Onlinehandel zu Datev Schnittstelle ist speziell auf die Bedürfnisse beider Seiten ausgelegt. Ohne Eingriff in die Systeme des Onlinehändlers aber perfekt und individuell auf die Buchhaltung anpassbar. Scroll Down

Eine Schnittstelle die den Onlinehandel vollumfänglich mit der Steuerberatung verbindet.

From Tax Consultants for Tax Consultants

Through years of hands-on tax accounting experience we have been able to create a powerful interface, which is not just in name only. Together with our customers we are constantly developing new Solutions.

From Online Business for Online Business

Many small details that need to be considered in ecommerce, especially with regard to the marketplace, require in-depth expertise. We have the specialists for this particular niche.


We expect a high level of service from ourselves, which is why you will receive from us that extra 10% that makes the customer happy – always! We are always available by phone, by email and in person for you.

How does AccountOne work?



  • Automatic retrieval from Amazon
  • Amazon business capable
  • Automatic retrieval from eBay
  • Automatic retrieval from Plentymarkets
  • Automatic retrieval from Shopify (beta)
  • Import manager for other Sales channels
  • Import manager for payment providers (stripe, etc.)

In the Program

  • Automatic filing of:
    • Product Master Data
    • VAT Rates
    • Distance Selling Thresholds
    • Amazon Fees
  • Automatic VAT assessment for every delivery
  • Pro-active Delivery Threshold Monitoring
  • Consideration of Country Opting for Tax purposes
  • Storing the purchase Price (for deliveries) by up – and downloading
  • Retroactive Import possible for 24 months
  • Dashboard and various evaluations

The Output

  • Export in DATEV format (.csv)
  • Export is batch-ready
  • Free allocation of revenue accounts (up to 10 alphanumeric characters)
  • Free allocation of expense accounts (up to 10 alphanumeric characters)
  • Free allocation of booking keys
  • Allocation of cost centers for fee items
  • Allocation of cost centers of sales for delivery threshold monitoring
  • Free customizable DATEV file export
    • Accumulation of customer data (name, address, etc.)
    • Accumulation of delivery data (Destination Country, Sender Country, etc.)
    • And much more!
  • Cashflow-based export for the perfect OP balancing of the books
  • Transfer of payment information to compare with Paypal payments
  • Transfer of special payment information to automate bank activity

30 Minute Live Demo

In our guided live demo you will learn via screen sharing how AccountOne simplifies your daily bookkeeping and saves valuable hours of work time.

Der Preis

  • Mandanten bis 1.000 Verkäufe
  • Mandanten über 1.000 Verkäufe

Prices shown are pre-tax per month. The above prices are only available in conjunction with a multi-client account. A multi-client account will be charged a flat rate of 99.00 per month. If you currently serve just one client in e-commerce you can still get started with Accountone by utilizing the Onlinesellerprices.


Beschreibung200 Verkäufe1000 Verkäufeab 1.001 Verkäufe
Einrichtungsservice247,90 €247,90 €247,90 €
Rückwirkender Import / Monat (3 Monate kostenfrei)9,00 €9,00 €9,00 €


You have a new client who is busy with e-commerce or you just want to learn how to make bookkeeping even more efficient? If this is you, then we would be glad to offer you a training session. Learn where the most important data comes from, how it is to be understood and how it is constructed. We will show you through practical examples what to look out for and what questions you need to ask. In addition, you will see how you can set up your bookkeeping in order to create an optimal workflow with DATEV resources.

Simply contact us.

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Integrated Solutions


You have a very large client or one with special requirements? We create solutions! Together with you and your client, we will develop a praxis-oriented concept which can be implemented for your large or special e-commerce needs.

Simply contact us.

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