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The Interface between Amazon and DATEV


The Amazon interface for tax consultants! When your clients sell merchandise through Amazon, as a tax consultant, you face some challenges. Where do I get the sales figures from? How do I evaluate the sales? Are there any invoices for these sales? And how are fees handled?

Furthermore, if your client participates in the Pan-EU or EFN program, you will face the much more difficult task of determining the place from which the goods are shipped. Because Amazon determines in which countries goods are stored shipped from, a powerful and easy-to-use solution for generating invoices and accurate accounting data is needed. Accountone provides this solution.


With our own tax evaluation matrix, AccountOne is the first German solution to convert Amazon’s sales records into Accounting data. This offers you, as a tax consultant, the advantage of recording the important tax aspects yourself and not having to rely on data from third-party systems, such as merchandise management or the like.


Automatic Retrieval

AccountOne retrieves the sales records every 2 hours.

Tax Assessment

Sales are tax-assessed on the basis of the sender and recipient countries as well as the shipping thresholds.

Export im Datev-Format

The generated accounting records are available in DATEV-Format.

Happier Client

Leverage greater consulting value by the time saved and offer your clients the best analyses.

Easy Start

Set Up

To set up AccountOne your client will provide you with a so-called token. With this token, through AccountOne, you are able to access the Amazon sales records of your client. In order to retrieve a Token, we have created a simple guide, which you are welcome to request from us.


You can configure the Amazon interface for tax consultants according to your own discretion. Record the inventory and sales accounts for sales and fees, personal accounts for the Marketplaces and, if needed, tax classification according to your preference. We are happy to assist you in selecting the correct data, or in utilizing a pre-configuration from SKR 03 or SKR 04.

Retroactive Data Retrieval

You can retroactively retrieve data from the Amazon interface for tax consultants back to December 1, 2016. This can take 1-2 days depending on the amount of data. The accounting data from your starting date up until the present will then be at your disposal. If you ever need to make a change, such as to a general ledger account or a tax classification, then the newly changed data will be made available on the following day. If it is urgent, please contact us and we will quickly provide you with the changed data.

Data Export

After data is processed by the Amazon interface for tax consultants, the exported transactions for each month will be made available to you in the download area. You can decide for yourself if you want to download only the sales records, fees or even the entire export. The export is set up in the most up-to-date DATEV-format and along with the most important details contains information about the tax country and its tax rate. In addition, the currency exchange rate is updated daily.

Accounting Data

The Structure of the Accounting Data at AccountOne

The structure of the accounting data is such that after importing the data, a smooth comparison with the incoming payments can be made. For this purpose, each Amazon marketplace is assigned its own individual account. Accounting entries are then marked with the appropriate EU country codes in order to properly assign payments for sales and fees. This gives you the opportunity to enter all sales and fees individually and yet with just a few steps settle open items.

Monitoring Distance Selling Thresholds

All data records are marked with the EU country code. This means that the Distance Selling Thresholds can be monitored in DATEV format. In addition, AccountOne is constantly monitoring these thresholds. Once 90% of a delivery threshold is reached, AccountOne immediately sends a warning notification. When the delivery threshold is exceeded, all additional sales are assigned and taxed according to the appropriate recipient country. The invoices are also adjusted accordingly.


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