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AccountOne offers the most powerful platform, which is used for Tax consultant the data from marketplaces, online stores and payment systems of Online retailers prepared.

This is where our own valuation matrix comes into play, which also assigns the sales to the correct tax rates and tax countries independently of an enterprise resource planning system. The fully automatic allocation of payment flows to revenues is already carried out on our platform. The resulting data can then be used to provide exports for the tax advisor.

AccountOne serves more than 5,500 online retailers for over 1,500 tax firms
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A platform specifically for tax consulting

AccountOne offers the fully automated interface that automatically creates accounting imports from online sales via Amazon, eBay, or the online store, which can be read into any accounting system with a DATEV interface.

Our platform is specifically tailored to the needs of tax firms. To this end, we offer a maximum of customization options with regard to account assignment and the setting of basic tax matters. 

Rely on the excellently designed account assignment and setting templates to efficiently map even small mandates.


We offer interfaces to the most important marketplace and store systems.

Sales Tax Matrix

Fully automatic VAT assessment of all sales, Europe-wide. Also for dropshippers and PAN EU traders.

Accounting export

100% DATEV compatible & batch processable. Without rework in the accounting department.


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Directly accessible via web browser without installation. 24/7 Up-to-Date!

DATEV interface partner

We are a DATEV interface partner and have an interface that has been technically tested by DATEV.

DATEV Partner

As a DATEV partner, we have a technically tested interface from DATEV. This guarantees you as a tax consultant a smooth data exchange and a worry-free import to Kanzlei Rechnungswesen.

Only for existing customers who already use the billing module:
The transfer of the data can be done with us including the document image via DATEV booking data service. You do not have to download manual exports and import them back into DATEV.

"In AccountOne, I have found an IT partner that is able to develop very good solutions for my clients' very individual and sometimes very complex store systems. I am always impressed by the high level of flexibility and team spirit in the development of solutions."

Alexandra Roeske
Tax consultant, CINA: Roeske Law Firm, Bornheim

AccountOne Features

AccountOne means being able to map all sales and payment channels on one platform. We developed AccountOne for this purpose in close cooperation with tax firms and online retailers. The result is a high-performance software that can be individually tailored to the needs of both sides. In addition to classic online trading transactions, AccountOne also maps almost all special cases in online trading. We like to face new challenges and master them together with our customers.

Online retailer

AccountOne can be used to service the following types of online merchants:

  • Micro-merchants
  • Small traders
  • Medium traders
  • Large dealers (group)
  • Multichannel retailer
  • Omnichannel retailer
  • Amazon FBA and EFN, PAN-EU
  • Dropshipper
  • SaaS provider
  • App provider
  • Shopify POS

Tax cases

AccountOne can be used to handle the following types of tax cases:


  • Target taxation
  • Actual taxation
  • Small business
  • PAN-EU and EFN
  • OSS & IOSS
  • B2B deliveries
  • (Cross-border) series transactions
  • Amazon Consignment Stock
  • UK deliveries
  • Vouchers
  • Mixed baskets (UST. rate)


AccountOne can be fully customized in the following ways:

  • Account assignment revenues
  • Account assignment debtors
  • Account assignment to expense accounts
  • Account assignment payment accounts
  • Commingling account assignment
  • Account assignment shipments
  • Length of accounts (4-12 digits)
  • Individual booking keys
  • Individual OSS booking keys
  • Contents DATEV Export (additional columns)


Each API import can be customized specifically for the online merchant:


  • Adjustment order date, payment date, delivery date
  • Exclusion of certain orders (e.g. Amazon connected to Shopify)
  • Import of POS data (Shopify POS)
  • B2B UST ID Import
  • Multichannel retailer
  • Omnichannel retailer
  • Import of invoice numbers (e.g. WooCommerce)

Additional functions

AccountOne offers a wide range of additional features:

  • Pro forma invoices
  • Qualified verification of UST-ID numbers
  • Measurement article performance Amazon
  • Amazon inventory valuation
  • Delivery threshold monitoring (Until 06/2021)
  • Power threshold monitoring OSS 
  • Exports VAT Compliance


AccountOne can provide the following exports:

  • Accounting
    • DATEV-compliant exports (EXTF) 
    • Batch processable exports
    • Special exports for BMD
    • Special exports for edrewe
    • Special exports for SAP
  • VAT Compliance
    • Special exports for AccountVAT
    • Special exports for AmaVAT
    • Special exports for DutyPay

Our interface offer


We provide all the tools and utilities to make accounting for online trading clients as smart as possible.

Our knowledge base provides you with all the help you need to operate AccountOne.

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50,000 orders with one click in accounting, without rework. Yes, it's possible!

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