Our Story

How was AccountOne created?

All businesses start with an idea. At AccountOne, it was to free tax consultants and online retailers and their employees from tedious tasks.

The idea

I am Gordian, co-founder and idea generator at AccountOne, come from a tax consultancy background and completed my training as a tax clerk many years ago. At the time, it was probably the most boring apprenticeship imaginable. But the numbers and laws had their appeal for me. Inspired by my father, I started my training and set my sights high. I wanted to become a tax consultant, but that quickly changed. I got my first PC at an early age and also got access to the Internet at a young age. But in tax consultancy at that time, IT was more of a necessary evil than an innovation. After completing my training, I changed employers a few times. I was already able to provide accounting support to a number of online retailers and came into contact with the little pitfalls of e-commerce. That's not entirely true, as I had already opened two online stores together with my father in 2012, albeit with moderate success. That's why they were quickly shut down again. I went on to set up a bookkeeping company for 100% digital bookkeeping and used it to attract online retailers. At that time, I realized more and more that this was not a job for Excel. With the first PAN-EU retailer (the VAT transaction report did not yet exist at that time), things got really complicated. There were no suitable evaluations for accounting purposes.

Problem recognized & opportunity seized

The problem was clear - many different systems, many different file formats and nobody could really say where which delivery was taxable. Excel was gradually reaching its limits and a digital solution was needed. The basic idea for AccountOne was born. At the time, I was sitting in a Flensburg start-up incubator and Wolfgang was my mentor. So I went to him with my idea, explained all the obstacles and asked for advice. He in turn knew Jan. Jan has years of programming experience and is very familiar with e-commerce and the handling of mass data. Together we came up with a plan to overcome the little pitfalls of e-commerce and launched AccountOne.

Foundation & Start-Up

The first plot was quickly drawn up in 2016 and Jan and I spent nights and weekends laying the first foundations for AccountOne. It was clear to us right from the start that we wanted to create the best system to bring data from e-commerce into accounting. It became clear just as quickly - without service, the best system is useless. So we have to be there for our customers and support our customers, both online retailers and tax consultants. We see Software as a Service in two parts: Software & Service. Both parts must be covered, served by us and given equal weighting. The number of customer inquiries grew and we were increasingly in demand. We gradually switched from our main jobs to full self-employment, first myself and then Jan. With Wolfgang as a marketing and networking genius, his move to AccountOne gave us another major boost. As a result, we were able to take on our first employees shortly afterwards. Maybe it was just luck, but the first applications fit like a glove. To date, we have been able to put together a team of high-caliber talent from accounting, tax, development, marketing and e-commerce. Anyone who has ever spoken to our colleagues on the phone can confirm this. Together, we pursue the goal of giving people the freedom to do what they were born to do. The tax consultant should advise the online retailer and provide impetus for the growth of the company. The online retailer, on the other hand, should focus on sales activities and work specifically on their business. No one should be involved in compiling or typing up receipts.


After 5 years of AccountOne, we can rightly say that we have come very close to our goal. More than 550 law firms and more than 3,500 online retailers are already enthusiastically using AccountOne. We have never lost sight of our customers. Even today, we listen attentively and, if necessary, customize the solution to the specific needs of online retailers and tax advisors. The e-commerce universe is constantly changing, but thanks to our many discussions with online retailers and tax advisors as well as our strong networking activities, we always have our finger on the pulse of online commerce.


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