Suitable tariffs for online retailers of all scale


Gain access to the all-in-one platform for converting order and payment data from online retail into perfect accounting data.

24,00 € – 129,00  € 

For all Standard interfaces and customers with up to 200,000 transactions per month.


Put together the package of your choice. For anyone with special requirements, large tech stacks or more than 200,000 transactions per month.

> 200,000 transactions
Special development
SAP, Navision, etc.
Physical and digital products
up to 200 transactions
24,00 € / month

All standard interfaces up to 200 transactions per month

up to 1.000 transactions
49,00 € / month

All standard interfaces up to 1,000 transactions per month

up to 3.000 transactions
99,00 € / month

All standard interfaces up to 3,000 transactions per month

up to 15,000 transactions
129,00 € / month

All standard interfaces up to 15,000 transactions per month

from 15,000 transactions
129,00 € / month

+ 10,00 €
per additional 1,000 transactions

Reach your destination faster with our Pay-As-You-Go approach

When you book AccountOne, you receive in all packages:

  • All functions
  • All interfaces
  • OSS-capable sales tax matrix
  • Pro forma invoices
  • DATEV exports
  • BMD Exports
  • Exports for DutyPay and amavat
  • Telephone support (Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • E-mail support
  • Access to our help center
  • Unlimited users

The following movements are referred to as transactions:

  • At Amazon
    • all lines of the VAT transaction report
  • In other systems
    • Sale
    • Credit
    • Payment movement (with payment service providers)
    • Payment fee

Accounting in online retail is highly complex. In addition to the mass of transactions, there are also many tax pitfalls, especially with regard to foreign shipments. We therefore advise online retailers to have their bookkeeping prepared by a tax consultant who specializes in online retail. Online retailers who prepare their own accounting can become our customers if they have their own accounting department. In this case, we are happy to offer an appointment with our Enterprise team. Otherwise, we will be happy to recommend a tax consultant in your area. We have access to our network of over 900 tax advisors.

We follow the Pay-As-You-Go principle. With us, you only ever pay for the number of transactions you actually use. Instead, we bill you retrospectively in the following month based on the transactions used in the previous month. The package changes to the right package for you every month. If you use more, you automatically switch to the next higher package. If you use fewer transactions, you also switch to the correspondingly smaller package - fully automatically.

In principle, the online retailer is the contractor with AccountOne. Some tax firms assume the costs decentrally for their clients and then charge them on.

Multi-client access is available for tax consultants. Tax advisors can use this to manage all their connected clients and administer their employees via user and rights management. This access is free of charge. 

No, the retrospective billing method invoices after the end of the month on the basis of the transactions actually used.

For tax consultants

Every tax firm receives special access from us. All mandates can be centrally managed and monitored via this access. In addition, the access for tax firms offers the option of setting up special access for employees and controlling this via a corresponding rights concept.


0,00 € / month
Without installation Multi-client capable Multiuser for law firms

The solution

Zaccess to more than 100 functions that can be used immediately - with the

transaction-based pricing model from AccountOne.

Interfaces to order and payment data

  • All order interfaces
  • All payment interfaces
  • Automatic retrieval via API
  • Individual settings
  • Multichannel capable

Industry-leading sales tax matrix

  • OSS-capable
  • EU-wide VAT valuation
  • PAN-EU and EFN-capable
  • Multi-control set
  • Multi-purpose vouchers
  • Single-purpose vouchers
  • Differential taxation

Retroactive data preparation

  • Retroactive until 2016
  • Delivery thresholds before OSS
  • VAT data provision
  • Year-round exports
  • Order and payments

Industry-leading exports

  • DATEV Export
  • Individual booking procedure
  • EXTF files (batch processing)
  • Document image transfer*
  • 100% OP compensation
  • BMD Export
  • edrewe Export
  • SAP Export
  • Navision Export

VAT Compliance

  • For Amazon merchants
  • Fully integrated
  • All-in-one solution
  • All PAN-EU countries

100 % OP compensation

  • Export already with OP compensation
  • OP compensation already in AccountOne
  • OP compensation for Amazon
  • OP compensation for Shopify
  • OP settlement for PayPal
  • OP compensation for Stripe
  • OP compensation for many more

Nobody wants to start with software only to find out in the course of processing that their request can only be fulfilled with additional services that are subject to a charge.

Special services

Retroactive data

So that the past is also perfect.

RW Exports for accounting

Not everything always runs smoothly. We know this and therefore also provide the data for accounting for periods that have already passed. 

Accounting exports can already be provided from 2016, always taking into account the applicable legal regulations. 

Billing is based on the number of transactions at the normal monthly rate.

24,00 € - 129,00 € / month


Make AccountOne your AccountOne.

Individual upload profiles

Without an interface, data can be uploaded to AccountOne. The functional scope of the upload is identical to that of a programming interface. The upload profiles are created by AccountOne using sample data and adapted in close consultation with the customer.

490.00 € / profile

Individual adjustments

We create data specifically tailored to your needs and make it available to you by arrangement. API-based data import from self-created or non-market systems can also be made possible.

140,00 € / hour

Furnishing service

We will set up the law firm free of charge. In addition, law firms receive 2 guided client setups. The law firm is then able to create future clients itself. 

It is also possible to book additional managed client facilities. These are particularly suitable for larger clients, provided they do not fall under the Enterprise process. 

390,00 € / facility


We support law firms in the scaling of e-commerce mandates.


Our training courses are specially tailored to the needs of law firms. We differentiate between 4 modules of 4 hours each:

-> The e-commerce universe

-> AccountOne System

-> Accounting for e-commerce

-> Value added tax

750,00 € / module


Scale Up Your Accounting. Under this motto, we advise law firms on high-performance accounting solutions for e-commerce mandates.

Made for law firms that want to reach the next level. We accompany you on your way to becoming a specialized e-commerce law firm.

140,00 € / hour


Become an expert in online retail accounting.

AO-Academy for law firms

Our training courses are explicitly aimed at tax consulting firms and are tailored to the specific needs of these firms. With our learning content, we make law firms fit for the accounting support of online retailers. Support is provided throughout the entire employee life cycle - from joining the firm to the first mandate and performance optimization for data-heavy clients, our Academy offers the necessary courses.

The lecturers from our company are regularly supported by guest lecturers. In addition to our learning platform on the web, our courses are also available as IOs and Android apps. So nothing stands in the way of an immersive learning experience.

Prices in the Academy

Ready to go?

You can expect a comprehensive platform for converting data from online trading into perfect accounting data with a clearly structured pay-as-you-go pricing model. We are also happy to create a customized offer on request that is tailored to the needs of your company or law firm.


Integrate AccountOne into your daily office routine. With AccountOne you lay the foundation for high-performance accounting in online trading. Our knowledge database will help you with all your questions. If you need more information, we are here for you by phone.

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