AccountOne Prices

Our prices are based on the number of transactions and the way in which the accounting is prepared.


This page shows the prices until 31.03.2024. You can find the new prices here: Prices from 01.04.2024

up to 200 transactions


per month

up to 1.000 transactions


per month

up to 3.000 transactions


per month

up to 15,000 transactions


per month

up to 200 transactions


per month

up to 600 transactions


per month

up to 1.000 transactions


per month

up to 3.000 transactions


per month

up to 10.000 transactions


per month

up to 30.000 transactions


per month

Our price policy

When you book AccountOne, you receive in all packages:

  • All functions
  • All interfaces
  • OSS-capable sales tax matrix
  • Pro forma invoices
  • DATEV exports
  • BMD Exports
  • Exports for Dutypay and Amavat
  • Telephone support (Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • E-mail support
  • Access to our help center
  • Unlimited users

The following movements are referred to as a transaction:

  • At Amazon
    • All lines of the VAT transaction report
  • In other systems
    • Sale
    • Credit
    • Payment movement (for payment service providers)
    • Payment fee

Accounting in online trade is highly complex. In addition to the mass of transactions, there are many tax pitfalls, especially with regard to foreign shipments. Therefore, we advise online merchants to have the accounting prepared by a tax consultant who specializes in online trade. Online merchants who do their own accounting can become our customer, provided that they have their own accounting department. Otherwise, we will be happy to recommend a tax consultant in your area. For this we can access our competence network of over 500 tax consultants.

We follow the pay-as-you-go principle. With us, you only pay for the number of transactions that actually occurred. In return, we bill you retrospectively in the following month on the basis of the transactions used in the previous month. The package changes every month to the one that suits you best. If you use more, you automatically switch to the next higher package. If you use fewer transactions, you also switch to the correspondingly smaller package, fully automatically.

For short-term or seasonal overruns of the 30,000 transaction limit, we charge €0.01 per transaction for additional transactions. If you are permanently above this limit, please contact us and we will agree on a monthly price together.

For short-term or seasonal overruns of the 10,000 transaction limit, we charge €0.01 per transaction. If you permanently exceed this limit, please contact us and we will agree a monthly price together.

Basically, the online merchant is the contracting party with AccountOne. Some tax advisors take over the costs decentrally for their clients and then charge them on.

A multi-client access is available for tax consultants. Tax consultants can use this to manage all the clients connected to them and to manage their employees via user and rights management. This access is free of charge for up to 3 clients. You will find a price scale for more than this here.

No, at the beginning you choose the package that suits you best. The calculation of the charges will be done in the later live mode based on the actual transactions consumed.

Nobody wants to start with software only to find out in the course of processing that their request can only be fulfilled with additional services that are subject to a charge.

For tax consultants

As a tax consultant, you will receive special access from us. You can use this to centrally manage and monitor all your clients. You also have the option of setting up special accesses for your employees and controlling these with a corresponding rights concept.

We charge a monthly flat fee for these multi-client and multi-user accesses. The amount of the flat fee depends on the number of clients that are assigned to your tax consultant access in AccountOne.


Free of charge

0,00 / Month
  • 1 to 3 clients


29,00 / Month
  • 4 to 5 clients


59,00 / Month
  • 6 to 9 clients


99,00 / Month
  • > 10 clients

In each case plus the client flat rate (see above). You can choose whether the client flat rate is invoiced directly to your clients (self-payer) or whether the client flat rate should be invoiced via you.

Special service

  • Customizing 110,00 € / hour

    We create data specifically tailored to your needs and make it available to you after consultation. API based data import from self-created or non-market systems can also be enabled.

  • Special set up service 247,50 €

    We accompany your setup of AccountOne. Starting with the connection of the individual sales and payment channels, through the export to accounting, to the first OP balancing. Afterwards, your AccountOne is perfectly set up and tailored to your needs.

  • Trainings 110,00 € / hour

    Do you have questions about technical processing in your company, or would you like to have your finance team trained in the special features of ecommerce? Get in touch with us!

  • Retroactive exports Regular monthly fee

    You need the accounting data for the previous months? We will create the data retroactively for you until August 2016. By the way, 90 days of retroactive data from the date of token deposit are already available in the test and live account.

  • Individual upload profile 490,00 € / piece

    Besides our native API's and our standardized upload profiles, you have the possibility to have us produce individual upload profiles for your needs.

All prices are exclusive of the statutory value added tax